About Us

Emma at Refill It

Welcome to Refill It - an eco-friendly shopping experience run by me, Emma, and my husband Richard.

Our friendly local store in the Yorkshire market town of Selby has become a real passion of ours and we’re so happy we can spread the love with our online store, helping more customers across the UK to enjoy a happier shopping experience.

Our ultimate goal at Refill It is to reduce waste and encourage more people to adopt this easy, cleaner way of buying necessary items.

I became increasingly aware of the amount of plastic we were using after I had children. The damage that waste can cause to the planet didn’t sit easy with me – especially with two young children entering the world!

I began to make better choices to reduce the amount of plastic and waste we created as a family and when I became aware of zero waste shops, I knew it would be a great addition to my hometown of Selby.

Refill It Eco Shop in Selby

We are committed to making a difference. We provide affordable, sustainable, and ethically-sourced alternatives to supermarket products – not only in our friendly local store, but now nationwide with our easy online ordering too.

If we all work together and make small changes, we can have a huge impact. Thank you for joining us in making a difference.

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