Cost of Living Crisis

It's no secret that everything is going up in price at the minute and people all across the country and world are feeling the squeeze with the cost of living crisis.


Here at Refill It we are all about trying to offer help and solutions to this problem. This may mean going back to the 'old fashioned' way of cooking.


Did you know that it's much much cheaper to cook using a slow cooker rather than the oven.  It's coming into stew weather so it's a perfect time to try out some new wholesome recipes which will keep you and the kids full for hours after eating.


On average, they use about 1.2kW over the course of 8 hours, says Hometree. This means a slow cooker will only use around 162.5w per hour, which works out at just 5p per hour. Leaving your slow cooker on all day (let's say eight hours) will only cost around 40p, while your oven will cost 34p in just 20 minutes. - Google Sept 22.

That's a huge difference in price!

Our Kandy Kitchen range in store offer three tasty and delicious stew recipes. These are: Mediterranean Stew, Cawl Welsh Lamb stew and Deep South Beef Stew. These meals are £5.99 each and feed 4, that works out at £1.50 per person!

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However, if meat is not for you or you find it an option that is too expensive, there are some delicious non meat and vegan option out there.  Beans and lentils are really, really filling and also provide a great source of protein.


We have a variety of beans and lentils in store for you to try.  They are a fraction of the cost of meat and also you can buy small amounts to try them until you find the ones that you like. 

Check out this link for a great range of vegan/ non meat alternative recipes.